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Robert Keighley

Landscape Photographer

About Robert Keighley Landscape Photographer

Based in Barnsley, UK

Hello and thank you for visiting Robert Keighley Landscape Photography!

I have been taking photographs most of my life and love it more than I can express; I hope you can see the passion shine through in my work.

Having acquired my first SLR at the early age of 12, my first love was sports photography. I accompanied my brother, a conditional jockey for the late David Nicholson, up and down the country. I accomplished a National Diploma in Photography Art & Design at the Wheelwright Centre in Dewsbury and attempted to start my career as a photographer.

The best landscape photographer / artists have a purpose for what they do. I found mine after dealing with two relatively unknown illnesses, Lyme Disease & Babeisa, which I contracted from a tick bite whilst traveling around America in 2004. The illness had a pretty devastating effect on my life. I was bed-bound for 14 months, in pain with seizures and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t until 2009 that I saw Dr T Daymond at Brakespear Hospital where he diagnosed me with Lyme Disease and Babeisa which helped save my life and started my road to recovery. Now in 2014 I’m living my dream career as a professional landscape photographer. With 23 years photography experience I am ready to photograph the world!

I know how precious life is and I make the most of every moment. I want to share the beautiful landscapes we have around us with you. I love the outdoors and finding new places to photograph. I try to capture the landscape how you see and remember it and create stunning artwork for you to enjoy in your home.

I hope you enjoy my Landscape Photographs as much as I Live, Capture & Create it. Please look at my latest work or treat yourself to a Limited Edition so you can feel lost in your very own landscape everyday.


I want to personally thank my mum & dad, Trevor & Sue Keighley for their support and Dr T Daymond.

To find out more about Lyme disease please visit Lyme Disease Action.

Photographic Prints

Our photographic prints are printed on to Fujicolor professional TYPE DPII paper in a lustre finish. Lustre prints offer the best of both worlds when it comes to paper finishes: the colour saturation of a glossy finish with the fingerprint resistance of matte. Plus none of the glare associated with glossy prints!


Our excellent high standards, passion and dedication ensures a stress free, smooth process with an end image we both will be proud to show to your clients. From start to finish expectations will be met and in a timely manner.

Latest Work

The amazing latest releases from Robert Keighley landscape photography. From Scotland to Cornwall and beyond. Find you favourite places photographed as you remember the landscape.

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