Captured: Rare Blood Moon Eclipse

Captured: Rare Blood Moon Eclipse

“Blood Moon” by Robert Keighley Landscape Photography

Did you set your alarm to witness last years rare super blood moon lunar eclipse?
You and 95% of the population… Ok so this isn’t the exact amount but you get the gist.

Can you believe this won’t be seen again until 2033!

Funny Story:

While I was setting up and enjoying the beautiful clear, starry nights, sky (my favourite memory and experience of a starry nights sky was in Wyoming, America in 2004… Oh WOW what a sky it was! The lack of polution allowed the stars to glisten and create a blanket of stars as I lay watching. Thinking. In a world of personal thoughts. Anyway I digress.) I was immersed in the beautiful Huddersfield sky, positioning Emley moor mast in the frame of my camera. Trying not to step in the manure piles from the next field.

When all of a sudden I heard some very weird noises. My tongue sunk into my throat as I tried to justify these sounds.
Bear… not in this country. (Unlike Wyoming)
Wild creature ready to gobble me up… ok probably not in my neck of the woods.
I was ready to grab my camera and bag then I realised on the way in I had passed some stables.
*giggles to myself*
Horses! Damn horse noises scaring me half to death.

After relaxing from my terrifying ordeal, my mind had put me through, I carried on capturing this great image of Emley Moor Mast with the rare Super Blood Moon Eclipse, in position just above the tower.
Have you ever scared yourself with your mind playing tricks on you? Tell me about it in the comments below.

‘Blood Moon’

robert keighley blood moon emley moor transmitting station huddersfield

“Blood Moon”
This image was taken on the 28th of September 2015 in the early hours around 3:50am. It was a clear nights sky near Emley, West Yorkshire. The tower in the picture is Emley Moor Transmitting Station, which stands at 1,088 ft. tall. But what makes this image more special to me is the rare occurrence of the ‘Super Moon Lunar Eclipse’ that you can see above the tower. With a ‘Super Moon Lunar Eclipse’ the moon is around 14% closer to The Earth. The moon appears a Blood Red colour which is caused when the total lunar eclipse peeks. It was an Awesome moment which will not happen again until the year 2033.

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