Neist Point Lighthouse: Most Westerly Point Isle of Skye

Neist Point Lighthouse: Most Westerly Point Isle of Skye

“Neist Point Lighthouse” by Robert Keighley Landscape Photography

The location high on my list of places to visit, whilst on the Isle of Skye, was Neist Point Lighthouse. The whole of the Isle of Skye in Scotland is a photographer’s paradise. From the stunning Black Cuillin mountain range, to the small picturesque village of Elgol.

To capture this image I had to over come one of my fears, which is my fear of heights!

As I headed down to the edge of the rocks to capture my photo, keeping in mind safety first. I kept a safe distance from the edge of the cliff and ventured further.
Putting one foot in front of the other, with tripod in one hand, my camera bag on my back, I accomplished the challenge and conquered my fear of heights as I arrived at the lighthouse itself.
How I made it down in one piece without the wind blowing me into the water I do not know!

At Last.

I was in the perfect place to capture the powerful atmosphere in front of me.
It was time to visualize my image.

With the gloomy clouds blowing through overhead and the waves crashing beneath my feet, I wanted to capture that blustery, almost stormy atmosphere of the clouds and waves against the lighthouse.
The sun was setting to my left, which in turn lit the side of the lighthouse up enough so that it stood out against the dark clouds.
I waited for the light to drop enough for the lamp on the lighthouse to be illuminated, which I feel adds just that extra element to the finished image.

robert keighley landscape photography neist point lighthouse

“Neist Point Lighthouse”

This is Neist Point and its stunning Lighthouse, which sits on the most westerly point of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The lighthouse dates back to 1909 where it was manned until 1990, when it became fully automated. This is truly a spectacular view and well worth the trip down the steep paths, which aren’t for the faint hearted. The lighthouse is not the only thing you can see at the end of Neist Point; you can often see Dolphins, Sea Eagles, Whales and Basking Sharks.

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Have you visited the most westerly point of Isle of Skye? Have you seen or taken a picture of Neist Point Lighthouse yourself? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment.

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